The Red Turtle Opens Anilogue

The first international co-production from renowned Japanese animation giant Studio Ghibli enlists the talents of Oscar-winning Dutch animator Michaël Dudok De Wit for a wondrous story about the unlikely friendship between a castaway on a deserted island and an enormous sea turtle.

Shipwrecked on a deserted island, a lone man struggles to find his place in this new world. The basics for survival are abundant yet frustratingly out of reach, and danger lurks in the smallest of crevices; every isolated grotto is also a potential grave. The man cleverly uses the forest's resources to support his raft-making efforts, but his every escape attempt is thwarted by an enormous sea turtle who seems intent on having him stay. Enraged, he attacks the turtle, intent on killing it. What happens next is the beginning of a new chapter in the man's life, one that will instruct him in the ways of companionship and lead him to understand that nature must take its course.(via

My Life As A Zucchini

Director Claude Barras uses gorgeous stop-motion animation to tackle difficult subject matter in this delicately told story about a young boy sent to a group home after the death of his alcoholic mother, who finds comfort, acceptance and hope with his equally troubled new companions.

Though this film is recommended for ages 12 and up, some scenes may be upsetting for young viewers; coarse language; discussion of sex; mention of abuse, depression, suicide, and alcoholism; accidental death; threatened physical abuse; puppet nudity (via

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Rutkai Bori Banda joins Anilogue with a concert for children. The show is accompanied by a live VJ show by Ákos Kiss. The visuals are based on a the colourful illustrations by Bori herself who originally graduated from the Video Art programme of MOME (Ákos Kiss graduated from the Media Design programme of METU). The band's music videos feature live action sequences and animated elements. One of the most playful musical group in Hungary, Rutkai Bori Banda performs on the last day of the festival, on Sunday morning, November 27 in Uránia.

360° Animated Festival Intro

Budapest Metropolitan University and Anilogue teamed up to create an immersive, 360 degree animation as this year's festival intro movie. The students of Metropolitan Animation Master's programme just released a few pencil test frames of the project.

Bill Plympton Completes New Animated Feature

Revengeance tells the story of a low-rent bounty hunter (named Rod Rosse, The One Man Posse) who gets entangled in a web of seedy danger when he takes on a job from an ex-biker/ex-wrestler turned U.S. senator named "Deathface." Rod has to find what was stolen from the senator and find the girl who stole it. Soon, Rosse finds there’s more than meets the eye to this dirty job. Between the ruthless biker gangs, the blood thirsty cults, and the crooked cops - Rod Rosse is a marked man. If the bullets don’t kill him - the California sun just might!

Till Nowak's Dissonance Took Anilogue 2015 Grand Prix

The animated shortfilm from Germany is a trip between fantasy and reality, between animation and live action drama. It tells the story of a psychotic street musician who has to leave his mental world to deal with the real one.

The best animated feature award 2015 went to France for Phantom Boy by Jean-Loup Feliciolia and Alain Gagnol.

Browse through Anilogue's entire 2015 line-up in our archives.

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